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Your own "special"
An SM partner.

For those looking for an SM partner, we will set up a date for you to meet by selecting candidates from our many registered women based on their photos and profiles.

Introducing "amateur" women with SM tastes

ORIGAMI will support you in finding a wonderful SM partner. We will introduce only attractive women with SM tastes that suit you, who are not only beautiful, but also beautiful, intelligent, and elegant, and who meet all high standards. ​The women we introduce at ORIGAMI are carefully selected by our staff, and we interview each one to ensure that we introduce only women who will satisfy you. Once you join , you will be able to view the profile pages of registered women. On the profile page, you can of course see whether the woman is an S woman or an M woman, but you can also see at a glance the detailed sexual preferences of each woman and what kind of play is possible. We hope you will join us and find a special SM partner just for you. ​We hope that all of you who join us will have a wonderful encounter, and all of our staff will produce it with sincerity and sincerity.


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